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  • Complete the Troop Application Form (TAF).

    This form is what gives us the information to create individualized web pages for each and every Scout and to create a real time Troop Level Commission Report (TLCR). On average it takes about one week to get approved. Once you are approved you can begin your fund raising efforts immediately.

  • Set your Goals and Create your target list.

    Determine what you really need to raise to meet your goals for camp (or prizes) and then put together a plan for how many sales this will require. Now make your target list. This list should include anyone you feel would benefit from:

    • Being better prepared for natural disasters (Emergency Food and Water)
    • Being better prepared for medical emergencies (emergency medical kits)
    • Being better prepared for car trouble (emergency car kits)
    • Having nutritious, great tasting fruit or read to eat food available.

    The more good prospects you put on your target list the better. In addition to the email target list, don’t forget to include what we call your “circle of influence” which are those folks you know and interact with regularly, like teachers, teammates, neighbors, local business folks, etc. You get the idea.

  • Sweeten the Deal for Buyers.

    One of the best ways to sell products is to give away small samples. That is why we have special deals on Fruit Buckets that will allow you to offer a bite of amazing freeze dried fruit to your target list. You can simply “Order Samples” through your own website, or you can ask your Troop Leader to order everyone’s together to keep shipping costs down. Remember a little goes a long way with samples. We don’t recommend handing out free bags, just bites. They’re like potato chips…everyone always wants more (and they are certainly healthier than chips…it’s a win-win!).

  • Invite Friends and Family to Participate.

    Email friends and family making sure that you send the invitation from your personal email. Let each person know about your participation in the Global Food Share Program including your personal goals and the goals of your Troop. Make sure to invite them to register at so that they will become part of your support team. Every Scout has his own! Now, print copies of the signup sheet to use for registering your other target prospects.

    The signup sheet is for you to record the specific commitment that your helpful friends and neighbors make toward your effort; and it has an opposite side to give to the helpful friend or neighbor so that they can complete their order directly online through a secure connection and also browse for other potential items they may want to add to their list. By printing them out as you need them you will always have just what you need without any waste. You get credit for everything anyone buys through your site.

  • Monitor Online.

    Check regularly on your site to see what commissions you have earned and to add more people to your target list when you get them.

  • Enjoy the Rewards.

    Go to the “Scout Rewards” page to order your prizes as soon as you earn them, or wait and build up points toward larger rewards. All prizes are sent to the Troop Leader for distribution either once or twice per month depending on the number of prizes earned by the troop.

    We have a special email just for Scouts. If you ever have a question about the program you can email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..