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Welcome to the Global Food Share Troop Application Form.  We are here to help you.  Global Food Share is dedicated to helping Boy Scouts achieve great things, and we are here to help.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

GFS Privacy Policy: Know that your application does not obligate you to any purchase of goods or participation in any programs or email campaigns.  Your information is used only for internal purposes so that we can be most efficient.

GFS Ordering Options:

  1. Drop Shipping:  Global Food Share does provide drop shipping for anything that can be ordered through the website for a small additional fee.  This does provide a convenience for your Troop in that they do not have to return to every buyers home to make a delivery.
  2. Troop Delivery:  Items purchased by the Troop for resale are shipped to the Troop’s Contact Person.  Many items (freeze-dried fruit, InstaFire, First Aid Kits) often sell better when sold directly.  If the Troop is selling large quantities or many buyers live near one another the Troop may suggest that Buyers in that area check the box “Deliver to Troop Contact” when placing their order online.

Responsible Party:  The “Responsible Party” agrees to make payment for any items ordered for the Troop, which includes samples and additional shipping costs which may be applicable but which may or may not have been included in the charges to clients accepting Troop Delivery. Responsible Party is NOT responsible for any items ordered or shipping charges that are incurred by persons placing Drop Shipment orders or for costs related to the shipment of prizes and awards.

Responsible Party Information:

I, Invalid Input, will be the CONTACT PERSON for my troop and liason with Global Food Share, Inc. in regards the BSA fundraising program. I will be the person responsible for dissemination of information to the Troop and to receive delivery for products and prizes.
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