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  • A program designed specifically for you.

    The Global Food Share Program was designed specifically to work with the Boy Scouts of America. Participants earn a minimum of twenty-five percent (25%) on all sales of food, emergency kits, and camping equipment, including those made through a personalized custom Global Food Share site. The results are what we always wanted when we were fundraising:

    • Helping our friends and neighbors, not just selling to them
    • Doing something different than everyone else
    • Selling something cool…and healthy, not just junk food and coupons
    • Replacing regular buying habits with better buying habits…everybody wins
    • Saving Lives! What could be better than knowing every meal you sell helps keeps someone alive?
    • Earning great prizes, not the cheesy stuff.
  • Keep your family and friends in the loop.

    In addition to earning dollars from selling directly to friends and neighbors, Scouts can utilize the automated email system at Global Food Share to get the news out to contacts anywhere just by entering in their email and a personal note. Once an email is entered, Global Food Share will keep your friends and family and other potential buyers informed of monthly special deals, offers, and promotions to help your Troop.

  • Support that continues after the drive.

    Perhaps the greatest benefit is the auto-shipping function of Global Food Share. Get people signed up to receive a bucket a month of healthy freeze-dried fruit, or get them working toward an appropriate amount of emergency food storage by buying just one bucket of ready to eat meals a month. We ship directly to them and your Troop keeps raising money every single month.

    Quick Math: If every Scout in your Troop were to get his family to replace one hundred dollars of their grocery bill each month with healthy, nutritious, long lasting food from Global Food Share, your Troop would earn $300 per year for each participating family multiplied by the total number of Scout families. If every Scout also got two of their neighbors, friends, or extended family to buy half that amount every month it would double the funds raised. At $600 per year raised per Scout, a Troop of only ten (10) Scouts could raise more than $6,000 per year without asking anyone to spend more than they already do on groceries. Even more valuable is the knowledge that with just this effort, your Troop is feeding more than 10,500 meals to the world’s most in need. Impressive.