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If you have paid any attention to the news in the last couple of years, you are aware that disaster can happen at any time...often with little to no warning. These events will likely leave you in a situation where you won't have access to power or gas. This will limit your ability to heat food and sanitize water.  See how adding a Volcano portable stove helps you solve these issues:

  • Efficient  The Volcano's patented heat chamber creates a perfect heat with very little fuel.
  • Portable Unlike the heavy and bulky Rocket Stove types, you can take the Volcano with you. Without having who to decide to leave out.
  • Versatile Propane, Charcoal, Wood. Cook just like in your own kitchen. No need for specialized, expensive outdoor tools.


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Volcano Stove (non-propane)

Volcano Stove (non-propane)

Volcano Stove (propane)

Volcano Stove (propane)

Volcano Stove (total package)

Volcano Stove (total package)

  • VolcanoCollapsibleWithPropane

    The Volcano Collapsible Propane Stove/Grill

    The Volcano Collapsible Grill is perfect to have on hand for any emergency. It is the only stove that has the versatility of three different fuels: propane, charcoal or wood. Its patented heat chamber make the stove extremely fuel efficient. A 20 lb. bag of charcoal has enough fuel to cook at least 25 hot meals any time, anywhere. (Use only in well ventilated spaces.)

    Setup is easy and takes less than a minute. When you are finished, you wait for it to cool, turn it upside down, shake out the ashes, wipe it with paper towels and place in the included storage bag. 

    The cooking systems and emergency fire products at Global Food Share™ are “Best in Class” meeting our rigorous standards for dependability and safety. The Volcano Grill™ is quickly becoming the industry standard for emergency preparedness as well as active campers, tailgaters, and more.

    The Volcano Grill™ cooks with propane, charcoal, wood or our favorite Instafire™ and collapses down to 5” (12.5 cm) for convenient storage.

  • Get more, carry less

    In addition to being extremely versatile, the portability make the Volcano Grill the perfect companion to your outdoor cooking experience...wherever that might take you. Reduce the bulk while increasing your options.

    • Dutch oven cooking (12" Dutch Oven nestles perfectly inside the Volcano, faster cooking with less fuel.)
    • Grill anything (your choice - chicken, steak, veggies, shiskabob, fish, or anything you like.)
    • Smoking feature (ribs or fish.) 
    • Multiple heating fuels (charcoal, propane, wood - take your pick.) 
    • Self contained (great for no open fire zones.) 
    • Cook on almost any surface (wood, plastic, glass, dirt, etc.)
    • Easy to set up and take down 
    • Easy to clean and store!
  • instafire3
  • Joe's Sporting Goods

    "I purchased one of these about a month ago. Wow! It has completely changed the way I view outdoor cooking. So far I have made stir fry, baked bread and brownies(in a Dutch oven), fried, sauteed, seared, you name it."

    Survival Monkey

    "My grill is the tri-fuel model which means it can burn charcoal, wood or propane with the included burner kit. So far I've tested the charcoal cooking and was quite impressed."

    Cooking Outdoors

    "In the Dutch oven cooking community these are quite popular for cooking without a table, quick and easy to assemble, almost instantly ready."

    Sportsman's News

    "What makes the Volcano . . . an indispensible piece of gear is its ability to use three different fuels; charcoal, wood, and propane."

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