• Meals

    Get healthier food!

    You asked for it! Emergency food that is healthier.

    • Maximum nutrition per calorie,
    • Over 1,700 calories per day,
    • 20+ year shelf life,
    • Specially prepared recipes and more!
  • charity

    Eat some, feed some.

    When you feed your family, you help feed the World! With every meal you purchase, Global Food Share will give a meal to a child in need. Join us today!

  • charity

    Easy fundraising.

    Need fundraising for your troop, school, or church? We have incredible fundraising plans built to achieve your goal in record time.

  • recipes

    Custom Recipes.

    Why wait for an emergency to enjoy our food? We have recipes created by award winning chefs that integrate our nutritious food into your existing meal plans.


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