Founder's Story

The Founders of Global Food Share™ have a common passion: to more efficiently feed the world.  After decades of serving in challenging areas ranging from the inner cities of the United States to the remote villages of Latin America and Africa, we sought a better solution for feeding the millions that go hungry every day.

Eat Some, Feed Some™

Our solution was to organize a global community group where all who purchased meals through the group would benefit from the buying power efficiency while allowing enough excess to buy an equivalent number of meals to donate to the hungry.  By working with nutrition experts and long term food storage experts, we created the “Eat Some, Feed Some” concept which serves to improves the quality of food we eat as members and improves the quality of food that goes to those in need.

Going Big Time

Global Food Share™ has partnered with the Global Food Exchange™, an international organization created to provide post disaster relief, which gives Global Food Share the buying power to meet its goals.  This partnership literally allows everyday folks to purchase high quality food either for everyday use or as long-term emergency food storage, all at great prices, and with the added benefit of feeding the hungry.  

Getting Better All The Time

As the movement has grown, Global Food Share™ has become an incredible opportunity for schools, scout troops, athletic teams, and other organizations to earn significant dollars through the Global Food Share™ Community Partners Program.  This program champions (1) families eating healthy meals together; (2) people feeding people; and (3) easy and perpetual fund raising.

The Global Food Share™ team invites you to join the movement!